I’m an open source enthusiast, professional software engineer and project manager with extensive experience in automotive, mobile, embedded, cloud and blockchain technologies.

My particular area of expertise is keeping software surprisingly straightforward, reliable and fast. Please have a look at my various open source projects at suckless.org, GitHub or GitLab for reference.

I used to live in Germany and did work for BMW in Munich until late 2017. However I did immigrate to Canada in 2017.


Feel free to stay in touch with me on LinkedIn.

Also, have a look through the various web sites of my friends (in no particular order): Christian, Heinrich, srm, 20h, Stefan, Uriel, nion, Marci, Kai, lavish, Tammo, and Stefan.


I’m founding member and third chair of suckless.org e.V., the non-profit legal association of suckless.org.